RPI Engineering

Ed Palermo received The 3M Nontenured Faculty Award

Assistant Professor Ed Palermo was selected for a 3M Nontenured Faculty Award (3M NTFA) for his research project entitled “Bioresponsive Polymers as Anti-fouling Coatings”. This work will explore the utility of self-immolative polymers, which are long chain macromolecules programmed to spontaneously disassemble into component small molecules upon a specific triggering event, toward the development of surfaces which resist the formation of deleterious biofilms. Practical implications emanating from this project include enhanced coatings for biomedical implant devices, contact lens, dental materials, ship hulls, and oil pipelines.
The 3M Nontenured Faculty Award was created over twenty-five years ago by 3M’s Technical Community in partnership with 3Mgives’s Giving Program to invest in individuals who will lead university teaching and research programs in the future. The unrestricted gift of $15,000 per year for 3 years is intended to support research in technical fields of interest to 3M and to foster relationships between scientists at RPI and 3M.