RPI Engineering

MSE Emeritus Professor Publishes Textbook

One of our emeritus faculty, Prof. Christoph Steinbruchel, has written a textbook for an introductory materials science and engineering course.  Its title is "The Nuts and Bolts of Materials Science".  The book provides a compact, modern narrative of the materials science every engineering student should know and be able to use.  The central theme of the book is the structure of materials, both at the atomic and micro level.  Structure is viewed as arising from the composition and processing of a material and, in turn, giving rise to properties and performance.  The book features the frequent use of simple atomic models, numerous original illustrations, many new approaches and explanations, as well as extensive web resources.  You can examine a preview of the book at http://www.nutsandboltsmaterials.com.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, please contact the author at http://faculty.rpi.edu/node/485.