COVID-19 information for Graduate students


Working remotely

  • Regularly consult with your advisor over email, WebEx and/or phone, as directed by your advisor.
  • Focus on tasks that can be performed remotely, e.g., computations, literature review, data analysis, writing, preparing presentations, as determined by your advisor.
  • Contact Katharine Dovidenko ( to remotely access data and analyses software programs in core instrumentation facilities
  • Email table summarizing research tasks and progress to your advisor each week.
  • Contact your advisor for any other course / remote work related questions.


  • All course instruction will continue remotely, conducted using a combination of WebEx and/or recorded video lectures.
  • Registration for Fall courses will proceed on the regular schedule.
  • You may switch any Spring 2020 course from letter grade to pass / no credit (P/NC) until May 15. These courses will count towards graduation requirements and will not count against overall P/NC limits.
  • Contact the course instructor for any other course-related questions.

Administrative requirements

  • Thesis defense and candidacy exams, including those scheduled previously, will proceed over WebEx. Schedule a WebEx meeting by logging into with your RCS credentials. Coordinate with Ericka Johnson ( and Tess Lecuyer ( for scheduling, filling out the paperwork required by the Office of Graduate Education, and public announcements. Signatures will be placed on the documents digitally or scanned versions of the hardcopy of the relevant Candidacy/Thesis forms.
  • PhD Qualifying exams will be held on WebEx. The schedule will be communicated by mid-April.
  • All paperwork including DSYR and exam records will be carried out over email. Please email forms to be signed to your advisor, instructor or graduate program advisor, Prof. Tomozawa ( as appropriate, and for submission to registrar / OGE, please email signed forms to Erica Johnson (
  • Contact Tess Lecuyer ( for any other administrative questions.


  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolate immediately and contact the Student Health Center at (518) 276-6287.
  • Monitor the Rensselaer COVID-19 Outbreak Communications page for the latest information on COVID-19 that pertains to Rensselaer