Chaitanya K. Ullal

Chaitanya K. Ullal
Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering


PhD. Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

B.Tech. Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.

Focus Area

Polymers, Optics, and Nanolithography

Selected Scholarly Works

Karanastasis A.A.; Kenath, G.S.; Sundararaman, R.; and Ullal, C.K., "Quantification of Functional Crosslinker Reaction Kinetics via Super-resolution Microscopy of Swollen Microgels" Soft Matter, 15, 9336 - 9342, 2019.

Vijayamohanan, H.; Kenath, G.S.; Palermo, E.F.; and Ullal, C.K. "Super-resolution interference lithography enabled by non-equilibrium kinetics of photochromic monolayers.", RSC Advances, 9, 28841-28850, 2019.

Vijayamohanan, H.; Bhide, P.; Boyd, D.; Zhou Z.; Palermo E.F. and Ullal, C.K. "Effect of chemical microenvironment in spirothiopyran monolayer direct-write photoresist" Langmuir, 35(11), 3871-3879, 2019.

Deagen, M.; Chan, E.P.; Schadler, L.S.; and Ullal, C.K., "Corona Treatment for Nano-Transfer Molding Adhesion" ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 1(5), 997 - 1005, 2019.

Karanastasis, A.A.; Zhang, Y.; Kenath, G.S.; Lessard, M.D.; Bewersdorf, J.; and Ullal, C.K., "3D mapping of nanoscale crosslink heterogeneities in microgels" Materials Horizons, 5, 1130 - 1136, 2018.

Deagen, M.; Chan E.P.; Schadler L.S.; and Ullal, C.K., "Size effects in plasma-enhanced nano-transfer adhesion", Soft Matter, 14, 9220 - 9226, 2018.

Deagen, M.; Schadler L.S.; and Ullal, C.K., "Wetting regimes for residual-layer-free transfer molding at the micro- and nanoscale", ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9 (41), 36385 - 36391, 2017.

Vijayamohanan, H.; Palermo E.F.; and Ullal, C.K., "Spirothiopyran-Based Reversibly Saturable Photoresist", Chemistry of Materials, 29 (11), 4754 - 4760, 2017.

Habib, A.^, Vijayamohanan, H.^, Ullal, C.K.*, Sundararaman, R.* (2020). Coupled Electromagnetic and Reaction Kinetics Simulation of Super-Resolution Interference Lithography. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Accepted.