Chan I. Chung

Chan I. Chung
Professor Emeritus
Materials Science and Engineering


Seoul National University
School of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Invited Professor 2005  

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) 1973 - 2004 Joint appointment to Materials Science & Engineering Department, and Chemical & Biological Engineering Department  
Professor Emeritus Jan. 1, 2005 - Present Professor Emeritus and Research Professor Jan. 1, 2000 - Dec. 2004 Professor July 1, 1979 - Dec. 31, 1999 Permanent Tenure July 1, 1977 Associate Professor July 1, 1975 Assistant Professor Jan. 22, 1973 Director of Advanced Manufacturing Laboratories I and II 1986-1992 Director of Polymer Science & Engineering Program 1984-1987  

Chan I. Chung taught mainly polymer courses at RPI: Polymer Physics, and Polymer Engineering. He also taught a continuing education course on Polymer Extrusion and Melt Rheology from 1973 to 1989, attended by many industrial engineers from all over the world. His research has been focused on the development of an analytical melting model for single-screw extrusion through experimental and theoretical studies. He also contributed to the understanding of the structure-property relationship of block copolymers in their molten state as related to processing. His other contributions include the concept of using a solid solvent as a processing aid, HDPE/LDPE blend for solid state deformation processing, compatibilizers for recycling municipal plastics waste as commingled blends, and using a solid polymer solution as a binder for binder‑assisted injection molding of metallic and ceramic powders.


PhD Materials Science, Rutgers University, New Jersey 1969     Thesis: “Effects of Orientation and Chemical Structure on the Mechanical Relaxation Behavior in Polymer Solids” under Professor John Sauer   MChE Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey 1966     Thesis: “Gas Permeation Through Plastic Films” under Professor Kenneth Staffin (Part-time student during 1964-1966)   BChE Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea 1962


Focus Area

Polymer processing, melt rheology and processing aids , Multi-phase polymers and blends , Polymer waste recycling , Binder-assisted injection molding of metal and ceramic powders

Selected Scholarly Works

EXTRUSION OF POLYMERS - Theory and Practice, Carl Hanser Publisher, Munich, 2000; Sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers

Two chapters, “Extrusion Compounding” and “Single-Screw Compounding,” in The SPE Guide on Extrusion Technology and Troubleshooting, edited by J. Vlachopoulos and J. R. Wagner, Jr., Society of Plastics Engineers, Brookfield, CT., 2001

One chapter, “Modeling the Elastic Behavior of Poly(styrene-b-butadiene-b-styrene) Block Copolymers,” with J. K. Bard, in Thermoplastic Elastomers � A Comprehensive Review, pp 303 � 323, edited by N. R. Legge, G. Holden, and H. E. Schroeder, Carl Hanser Publisher, Munich, 1987