Vincent Meunier

Vincent  Meunier
Department Head and Gail and Jeffrey L. Kodosky ‘70 Chair. Professor
Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy

Vincent Meunier is the Head of the Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he holds the Gail and Jeffrey L. Kodosky ’70 Constellation Chair. Meunier earned a PhD from the University of Namur in Belgium in 1999 under the supervision of Professor Philippe Lambin. He was a Senior R&D staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory until 2010 when he joined Rensselaer as an Associate Professor. He became Full Professor in 2015, shortly before being appointed as Head of Department. 

Meunier leads the Innovative Computational Material Physics (ICMP) group at Rensselaer. His research uses computation to examine the atom-level details of materials. He is particularly interested in low-dimensional materials and domains where he can collaboratively work with engineers and experimentalists to optimize these materials, starting at the atomic level and targeting functionality. His h-index, as 01/2020, is 68. He has published approximately 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Society, and of the Institute of Physics. 

Meunier's teaching focuses on Computational Physics and Quantum Mechanics education; he has been teaching Computational Physics at the senior undergraduate level at Rensselaer since 2010. He also teaches "Introduction to Density Functional Theory" and "Advanced Computational Physics" at the graduate level. He strives to bring modern computational approaches to the classroom, including state-of-the-art algorithms and the practical use of parallel and GPU computing. In 2016, he took over the teaching of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics for Physics Majors. 



PhD Physics,  Namur University (1999) MS Chemistry and Physics at Mesoscale, Namur University (1998) BS Physics, Namur University (1996)


Focus Area

computational physics, condensed matter physics, nanoscience

Selected Scholarly Works

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