Student Awards & Recognition

Norman S. Stoloff Research Excellence Award

This award recognizes two graduate students in our department each year who publish the most significant research papers that year. It was established by the Stoloff family in memory of Prof. Norman S. Stoloff, a distinguished professor and internationally renowned researcher in the Rensselaer Materials Science and Engineering department for over thirty years, who passed away on Feb 21, 2013. The recipients of this award each present a half-hour seminar in a special event of the MSE seminar series at the end of each Spring semester.

  • 2024: Yang Lou and Rajan Khadka
  • 2023: Ru Jia and Saurabh Pandey
  • 2022: Bronson Hausmann and Sushant Kumar
  • 2021: Genevieve Kane and Gopal Sankar Kenath
  • 2020: Abhishek Shandilya and Yanming Zhang
  • 2019: Emily M. Aaldenberg and Harikrishnan Vijayamohanan
  • 2018: Dustin Andersen and Yiping Wang
  • 2017: Siva Priya Jaccani and Matt Kwan
  • 2016: Yanhui Huang and Garth Scannell
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