Student Recognition & Awards

The awards are given to undergraduates in materials engineering for their outstanding performance and service, throughout their undergraduate careers.

Matthew Albert Hunter Prize 

An annual award based on the income from funds contributed by former students of Dr. Hunter, the prize is awarded annually to the senior in materials engineering who has demonstrated outstanding ability in academic work leading to a career in that field.

  • 2023 - Max A. Feuerman
  • 2022 - Alexander S. Hauck
  • 2021 - Ryan Hawks and Luke Barba
  • 2020 - Zhuoqun Wen
  • 2019 - Paul Miller
  • 2018 - Matthew Fields
  • 2017 - Haoxue (Lily) Yan
  • 2016 - Thomas Rebbecchi and Andrew Ehlers
  • 2015 - Supattra Singnisai and Wahaz Nasim
  • 2014 - Benjamin Reeves

Scott Mackay Award

An annual award based on the income from funds contributed by former students of Prof. Mackay, the award is made to a senior in materials engineering who has given time and effort to the service of others without seeking recognition or acclaim, and who has completed the academic program at Rensselaer creditably.

  • 2023 - Sydney Neuman
  • 2022 - Emilee C. Fortier 
  • 2021 - Cataldo Lamarca
  • 2020 - Matthew LaBranche
  • 2019 - Anahit Hovhannisyan
  • 2018 - Heritage Weems
  • 2017 - Ziyu (Grace) Zhou
  • 2016 - Sarah Straub
  • 2015 - Reed Konane Bay and Wahaz Nasim
  • 2014 - Madeline Muench

Doreen Ball-DiFazio Award (female, senior/co-terminal)

This award is established in Spring 2017, in memory of Doreen Ball-DiFazio, a Materials Engineering alumnus who was also one of the first women graduates at Rensselaer to receive a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering in 1983.  Through her inspiration and mentoring, her daughter, Jessica DiFazio, also graduated from Rensselaer with both a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Engineering, in 2015. The annual award of $1000 is presented at the department’s commencement dinner to a female senior or co-terminal student who demonstrates academic excellence and outstanding service.

  • 2023 - Casey Cafasso
  • 2022 - Miranda Ross
  • 2021 - Giovanna Trzaska
  • 2020 - Emma DeAngelis
  • 2019 - Mimi Williams
  • 2018 - Krista Biggs
  • 2017 - Kathryn Liotta

Istvan S. Moritz Award (co-terminal)

This award is given to a deserving co-terminal student pursuing a degree in Materials Engineering who has demonstrated a record of academic excellence and outstanding service contribution.  It was established in Spring 2017, by the Moritz family, Rahmi Ozisik and Meeli C. Leith in memory of Istvan S. Moritz, a Materials Engineering co-term student who passed away unexpectedly on May 24, 2016, at the age of 22.  He was scheduled to graduate on May 28, 2016 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and an M.S. in Materials Engineering.  The award of $1000 is given at the department’s commencement dinner for the graduating class.

  • 2023 - Kyle Gallick
  • 2022 - Luke Barba
  • 2021 - Spencer Davis
  • 2020 - Nicholas Hoffman, Phillip Falcone
  • 2019 - Jackson Wong
  • 2018 - Eric Leith
  • 2017 - Elizabeth Veillette

MS&E Graduate Studies Award

This award is given to a graduating senior, who has exhibited outstanding academic performance and leadership abilities, and goes on to pursue graduate studies.

  • 2023 - Anna Capuano 
  • 2022 - Kevin Zhang
  • 2021 - Sumati Rangaraj

The David J. Duquette Capstone Prize

The prize was established in Spring 2023, in memory of Prof. Duquette, from funds contributed by his former students.  The prize is awarded to a senior for outstanding performance and teamwork in material design.

  • 2023 - Sydney Neuman

Materials Design Award

This award is currently sponsored by Prof. Rahmi Ozisik and is given to a senior, who demonstrated outstanding engineering skills, leadership and team player qualities during their studies at RPI.

  • 2021 - Sumati Rangaraj
  • 2020 - Mark Potter
  • 2019 - Sabrina Chasen
  • 2018 - Patrick Aselin
  • 2017 - Fangchen Liu
  • 2016 - Erin Evke
  • 2015 - Emily Aaldenberg
  • 2014 - Maya Nath

The Charles D. Dyce Prize

The prize was established by friends in memory of Charles D. Dyce, Class of 1972. It is to be awarded to a student in the School of Engineering who, at the conclusion of the freshman or sophomore year, has demonstrated high scholastic ability and involvement in extracurricular activities and indicates potential for constructive leadership.

  • 2017 - Matthew Rand

The Class of 1902 Research Prize 

Established by the Class of 1902, it is awarded at Commencement to the senior in the School of Science or Engineering who has completed two semesters of undergraduate research that culminates in a written report, submitted paper, or thesis.

  • 2015 - Supattra Singnisai
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