Undergraduate Minor

Students not majoring in Materials Engineering may receive a minor in this discipline by completing 15 credit hours of courses with a MTLE designation.  As general preparation for these courses, students should have taken ENGR 1600 Materials Science for Engineers. 

A possible template for the minor that would give students a solid foundation in Materials Engineering includes:

  • Structure of Engineering Materials (MTLE 2100)
  • Any two 4 credit courses from:
    • Thermodynamics of Materials (MTLE 4100)
    • Kinetics in Materials Science (MTLE 4150)
    • Mechanical Properties of Materials (MTLE 4250)
    • Electrical and Optical Properties of Materials (MTLE 4200)
  • Any one 3-credit MTLE elective.

Note that this is only a suggestion, and courses can be chosen according to interest and scheduling.  It is possible to take some courses out of sequence if the student is willing to put in the appropriate effort.  Note, that some courses are offered once a year, whereas some electives are offered only every other year.

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