Biomaterials track

This track is for students pursuing a Materials Engineering degree who have specific interest in materials for biological and biomedical applications. Students interested in this track should plan to take the required courses and electives based on the listing below, complete this application form and get it signed by the track chair, Prof. Edmund Palermo. Substitution for any Science or Specialization elective will be considered on a case-to-case basis by the track chair, with a limit of one substitution.


  • BMED 2100 Biomaterials Science and Engineering – Essential overview of biomaterials structure and property with an emphasis on biomedical implant design.
  • MTLE 4470 Biology in Materials Science – Understanding the molecular and nanoscale design of biological materials, bio-inspired synthetic materials, and engineering biomaterials.

Science Elective (Choose One)

  • BIOL 2120 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology - essential course to help students understand cell structure and function.
  • CHEM 2250 Organic Chemistry - structure and reactivity of organic molecules is covered and will provide a solid foundation for understanding polymer synthesis and structure. Prerequisites: CHEM 1100 and 1200

Specialization Electives (Choose One)

  • MTLE 4050 Introduction to Polymers - students will learn the structure of macromolecules (both synthetic and natural) at molecular and microscopic scales and how the structure influences properties.
  • BMED 4240 Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions - course focuses on the biological response to biomaterials. This is essential for students who aim to work on implantable materials.
  • BIOL 4750 Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions - course examines the mechanical and biological transduction mechanisms used to link cells into functional units (tissues). The composition and material properties of materials, both natural and manmade, is introduced as a means of controlling cell/tissue function.


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